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Random from Siderians drawn by others

Stian Fan Girls by Mudstar-Sibera Stian Fan Girls :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 12 11 Yava Portrait by Mudstar-Sibera Yava Portrait :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 14 31 Morten and Stian by Mudstar-Sibera Morten and Stian :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 9 12 Windstar Cheederian by Mudstar-Sibera Windstar Cheederian :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 39 29 Mudstar and Mystic by Mudstar-Sibera Mudstar and Mystic :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 16 7 Blackstar Cheederian by Mudstar-Sibera Blackstar Cheederian :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 41 33 Racing Rage by Mudstar-Sibera Racing Rage :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 9 6 Mothflight Cheederian by Mudstar-Sibera Mothflight Cheederian :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 20 24 Left Alone by Mudstar-Sibera Left Alone :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 16 16 Wanna Be A Cat by Mudstar-Sibera Wanna Be A Cat :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 11 11 Nimble and Free by Mudstar-Sibera Nimble and Free :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 13 20 River Dowthwin by Babybee-Babybreeze River Dowthwin :iconbabybee-babybreeze:Babybee-Babybreeze 1 4 Stian Pumpkin 1 by Mudstar-Sibera Stian Pumpkin 1 :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 9 6 Stian FacePaint by Mudstar-Sibera Stian FacePaint :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 2 7 Stian Pumpkin 2 by Mudstar-Sibera Stian Pumpkin 2 :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 6 2 Me and Stian by Mudstar-Sibera Me and Stian :iconmudstar-sibera:Mudstar-Sibera 12 19
Thanks for all this art!

Newest Deviations

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(Full size:… )
Stian, a big white cat (a siderian) running his way to 'paradise'
"The core principle of freedom, is the only notion to obey" - from the song Gateways, by Dimmu Borgir.

Stian is most prominently present in my gallery, but he's NOT the white main character of my current comic (Theory of Mind) - that is Yves.
(Stian has also got his own folder ;)… )

Stygian Stígandr - The Infernal Wanderer

The big white feline named Stian who has invaded my life. His full name
(see above) means something like 'infernal wanderer'.
See here the deviation:…

From all the siderians I've met so far, Stian is by far the most special and powerful one. I love him definitely most. He will also appear as main character in the next graphic novel series I am working on). Note that Stian is NOT the white main character of my current comic (Theory of Mind) - that is Yves.
(he's got his own folder ;)… )

Me in my world

my general attitude...

This is the icy Northern world (Tromsø, Norway, 69°40'N) where I live and feel home.

The first, second and fourth photos are made by me. The third, fifth and sixth photos are made by my friend Frank Meissner -



:iconkiara1000plty: :iconcheetahice-us: :iconspacedragon4986: :iconcoyoteshaman666: :iconblackwolf5505:


Feline from the cold North
Artist | Varied
The weirdest feline you've ever met.

Quotes I really support:
- What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
- "but it IS a bit drafty in here"
- "and now I'm hiddened" ...just watch this…

Email: note me first.

See here my Tumblr (Felines and the North) (Siderian stuff, WIPS and sketches)

In loving memory

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 2, 2017, 9:57 AM

My soulmate died 10 years ago...the wounds have never healed.

"Is it a kind of a dream
Floating out on the tide
Following the river of death downstream
Oh, is it a dream?
There's a fog along the horizon
A strange glow in the sky
And nobody seems to know where it goes
And what does it mean?
Oh, is it a dream?

Bright eyes, burning like fire
Bright eyes, how can you close and fail?
How can the light that burned so brightly
Suddenly burn so pale?
Bright eyes

Is it a kind of a shadow
Reaching into the night
Wandering over the hills unseen
Or is it a dream?
There's a high wind in the trees
A cold sound in the air
And nobody ever knows when you go
And where do you start?
Oh, into the dark

Bright eyes, burning like fire
Bright eyes, how can you close and fail?
How can the light that burned so brightly
Suddenly burn so pale?
Bright eyes"
  Simon and Garfunkel

Jayto enjoyed his life by FelisGlacialis Jayto: my soulmate by FelisGlacialis  Jayto in May 2005 by FelisGlacialis  Wild Jayto by FelisGlacialis Jayto on holiday 2005 by FelisGlacialis Jayto, my soulmate forever by FelisGlacialis Jayto and Joey by FelisGlacialis Jay on holiday 2005 by FelisGlacialis Jayto the Oriental Longhair by FelisGlacialis Jayto in spring 2006 by FelisGlacialis

Siderians (Metafelis lamnis) are large felines. The average siderian has the narrow but powerful body shape of a tiger, the graceful appearance,long legs and facial anatomy of an Oriental cat and the big paws of an Eurasian lynx. They are as tall as a small horse (150-160 cm at the shoulder), but weigh less than a polar bear (between 200 – 400 kg). The braincase is large, and the unique folding pattern of the brain gives them exceptionally high cognitive skills and abilities to sense detailed information in metaphysic energy. They use their energy-sensitive lightals (little metal blades on their ears and muzzle) for this. Siderians roam the Northern hemisphere with the highest density in the Rocky Mountains, Scandinavia, Siberia and the Himalayas. Siderian societies are complex; they form dynamic family and/or groups which mostly resemble fission-fusion communities seen in domestic cats and spotted hyenas. However, siderians are independent of each other for hunting survival and can perfectly live solitary. They create common information and metaphysics resources they call 'metaclusters' and this is where individuals from all over the world can come together to exchange knowledge. Despite their advanced communication and tools they behave still very feline.

Siderians are not the only member of the genus Metafelis.
:bulletyellow: Javines (Metafelis arvalis) are a very close relative of the siderian and some would consider them as just a southern subspecies of the siderian. Javines and siderians can produce fertile hybrids but generally avoid interbreeding. Javines live in savannah, grassland and tropical woodland areas. They are generally smaller and finer build than siderians but otherwise look rather similar.
:bulletgreen: Canovines (Metafelis silvae) are smaller and more robust metafelines that mostly dwell in tropical rainforests and tropical woodlands. They are more solitary than the other members of this genus and tend to be rather conservative. Canovines look like tiger-clouded leopard hybrids; they have a slender but tiger like body, with short legs and a very long tail and are well adapted for climbing.
:bulletblue: Arctians (Metafelis arctica) are tundra-hunters living in prides like lions. Of all the metafelines, they are the ones mostly build for running. Their anatomy has similarities with the sabertooted cat Homotherium serum . They are smaller than javines and siderians, but their thick winter coat and the lion-like manes of the males make them look rather impressive.

See here the species sheets:
Siderian reference 2014-updated 2016 by FelisGlacialis Javine reference sheet by FelisGlacialis - the other two will follow…once.

This is the graphic novel- more a comic- that I’m working on right now. It is actually a side-line of my main story and the main aim is to learn how to make a comic. But I do love the story and the characters so I will finish it.

Large predators come more and more in conflict with each other and this is especially the case for siderians and northern hyenas in Eurasia. Betrayal and corruption invades the societies of both species. Yves, the little white siderian cub lost his parents in a fierce conflict. Saved by a hyena clan that passed by, he was raised to spy on his own species. The love with a beautiful black siderian, made him struggles to choose a side, while both parties try to manipulate him. He does everything to escape from their grip and tries to sue for peace between the two species. Yves has to use his mind carefully.

RoS ToM PrologueRoS ToM chapter 1RoS ToM chapter 2RoS ToM chapter 3

This is my main-story and will be the first volume of my ‘masterpiece’. It will not have the common comic-form but will be more a mixture of text, illustrations and some pages in comic style. I have already started working on this one, but it will take many more years.

The Scandinavian hometown of Sigrid, a young biologist has recently been rampaged by a ferocious siderian. Her father lost his beloved brother and he devotes his life to find and kill the murderer. Sigrid makes it her mission to find the reason behind the raid the increasing incidents of siderian attacks on people in general. Elsewhere, in the capital Eurasian metacluster, two intelligent young siderian males notice these conflicts too. They are quickly dragged into their self-determined role as detective and scientist. A few weeks earlier, in the forests of Norway, the fierce white siderian named Thalarctos storms into the neighbouring territories of Yava and her family. He accuses her favourite cousin, who has gone missing, for having murdered his son. Thalarctos promises that he will destroy everything that will hinder him from taking revenge. Yava and her other cousin Goran are getting worried and take action, while conflicts with people and other large predators start to become an increasing threat.

Some scenes and work related to this volume
This is our land... by FelisGlacialis Don't mess with her by FelisGlacialis

This is my main-story and will be the first volume of my ‘masterpiece’. The ideas are in my mind but the story is still developing

Disunity prevails between groups of people and siderians. Some fight for sustainable coexistence between humans and large carnivores like siderians, while some try to eradicate the other species. Fear, loss and suffering has ruined the lives of many humans and siderians. Scarred by the past, Stian takes the most rigorous measures of all siderians. Unable to live peacefully on a planet together with the species he hates most, he has only one mission: to get rid of humanity. Some siderians share the same rage and join Stian’s action group. Resistance comes from every corner but hope and hate is what keeps Stian and his followers alive.

Scenes and work related to this volume
His Life by FelisGlacialis An endless pit of misery by FelisGlacialis

:snowflake: Stian - Stygian Stígandr Sætansen :snowflake:
Of all the siderians I know, he is the most intense and powerful one and I love him by far most. He has invaded my life - and never left since the very first time he made his thunderous entry, the 20th of August, 2009. The White Devil even got his own folder:…
Stian charactersheet by FelisGlacialis Forces of the Northern Lights by FelisGlacialis The White Devil by FelisGlacialis

:snowflake: Some of my other favourite OCs :snowflake:
Some characters that appear in Theory of Mind
Yves, Sasha, Noiro, Sabi
Yves charactersheet by FelisGlacialis Sasha charactersheet by FelisGlacialis Noiro charactersheet by FelisGlacialis Sabi charactersheet by FelisGlacialis

Some character that will appear in Predator Control
Goran, Tristan, Adler, Morten
Goran charactersheet by FelisGlacialis Tristan charactersheet by FelisGlacialis Adler charactersheet by FelisGlacialis Morten charactersheet by FelisGlacialis

Some characters that will appear in Mutual Exclusion
*Falkner, Vivanna
Falkner charactersheet by FelisGlacialis Vivanna charactersheet by FelisGlacialis

:snowflake: Friends - who’s artwork I also love! :snowflake:
:snowflake: People with inspiring artwork (no particular order) :snowflake:

:snowflake: Siderian/metafeline fanart and art trades* :snowflake:
*Art trades : I usually only do art trades when I ask for it myself and when I consider the quality of your art as somewhere similar to mine – I’m really picky. Not because I don’t like your work, but because I mostly lack time.
Mystical Black Dimensions by lapis-lazuri A small moment of peace by sarahmarlen Siderian by Ysval the Prowler by Mudstar-Sibera Northern Lights by AledaneF White Satan by MattBarley White devil by Whiluna Guardian - speedpaint by areot Sleepy Falky by Mudstar-Sibera Stygian Stigandr Saetansen by DaemoniumNocturnal Wintersun by Ssaijon Dark Emeralds by Mudstar-Sibera Morten by AntedonBifida The Dark Mystic Shadow by Svartya Mineuh and Morthian by klikkitat Stian by Elarnes In the Quiet by Mudstar-Sibera Stian is Back by Mudstar-Sibera Love For Grandpaw by Mudstar-Sibera It Won't Bring Him Back by Mudstar-Sibera Norwegian King by Mudstar-Sibera In His Paws by Mudstar-Sibera Shanei by Elarnes Nigras Portrait by Mudstar-Sibera Falkner and Yava by Mudstar-Sibera:thumb342048745::thumb206564187: His Kingdom Cold by Vannjaren

:snowflake: Siderian/metafeline characters of other people :snowflake:
elder by AledaneF I walk alone by sarahmarlen Mister Smirk by RiverRaven Rose and Fiodor by Mudstar-Sibera Seance ref by Ysval Hunter by WolfessGang Ragna by RiverRaven coming home by Ssaijon cheederian: crimson by Makutasiaa Malpensa Character Sheet by DoctorCritical Simple Ref: Mafdet by Taralupe Pavel as a Cheederian by Yami-Pimea I'm ready to run with the storm by RiverRaven Behind the walls of my mind by RiverRaven Joy of a Rose by Mudstar-Sibera New Mineuh Sheet by Mudstar-Sibera Kirten and Bynkah by Mudstar-Sibera Bella-ThankYouStian by Mudstar-Sibera Tathra by Mudstar-Sibera Kirten drawing by Mudstar-Sibera Confide In Me by Mudstar-Sibera Bynkah Profile by Mudstar-Sibera Colors of Autumn by RiverRaven

  • Listening to: Bright eyes



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